World of Subways: Remote Announcements

World of Subways: Remote Announcements

Bringing announcements to your favorite subway simulation.
Arriving for Windows 10 in preview.

Announcements in World of Subways 4

Remote Announcements are here

Ever dreamed of having announcements in World of Subways? Thanks to Remote Announcements it’s a thing. Play your announcements from anywhere you like and be your own virtual subway conductor.

Multi platform

Play your announcements from any device in the same local network. Just fire up the app on your rig which you’ll be using for playing WOS4, setup the network connection and start playing your announcements from any of your mobile device.

A new start on Windows 10

World of Subways 4 – Remote Announcements was previously available for download as common desktop application. However, the new version has been completely rebuilt for Windows 10 offering rich new features, better performance and making updating easier than ever.

Built based on your input

Any suggestions and feedback in mind? Help us developing the app and let us know what you think over at the official forums at TML-Studios. Also, the app itself is supported by them which is pretty lit. 🔥


Get the app from Microsoft Store and get on rolling. 🚄💨

Get it from Microsoft

Requirements: Windows 10 running on your host machine, a second device which runs any browser (mobile device preferred), a local network with both devices connected to it and you need to own WOS4 on Steam, obviously.

(Side note: It’s currently in preview so please don’t hit us when the app is crashing, not working as expected or even breaking your rig (that shouldn’t be the case though). Nevertheless, in case you run into any errors, please let us know here at the official TML forums and we’d be happy to take a look into it!)

Getting started

  1. First of all, download the app from Microsoft Store, it just takes a few seconds.
  2. Make sure you’re connected to a local network and have your second mobile device ready which should be capable of running a browser.
  3. Fire up the app you just installed and scan the QR code with your mobile device and navigate to the scanned URL (or just type in the IP address shown below in your browser).
  4. Try to hit some buttons, you should hear announcements playing on your PC.
  5. Start World of Subways 4 (Lazy? Just hit the play button in the top bar of the app).
  6. Select a ride, start riding New York’s own 7 line and don’t forget to play announcements.

Don’t hear any announcements?
Go to your game settings in WOS4 and enable windowed mode which can be found in video/graphics settings. Try to play announcements again, that should work. We’re working on a proper solution meanwhile.

Want to let us know what you have in mind?
Take a look over at the official TML forums and let us know what you think.