I worked on a full community relaunch including fresh new branding, brand new community forums and new landing page with the folks over at TML-Studios in Germany. And this is the current result we achieved:


We introduced a new branding theme over all platforms, including Facebook. Take a look at these hero covers showing some latest Facebook page headers, all sharing a common concept but having individual styling.

The same styling has been applied on their official YouTube channel to achieve consistent branding:

Some variations on branding:

Some key facts:

  • Initial planning has started in mid summer 2015, development began in September 2015 and has been finished in November 2015
  • The front page is based on a customized version of CodeIgniter (PHP). We’ve used Woltlab Burning Board for our community forums
  • Styling is based on Bootstrap, but has been heavily customized to achieve an own branding
  • Source code has been hosted through Git
  • Our community forums used customized plugins for displaying our YouTube Channel and connecting user accounts with Steam through OAuth
  • All users have been migrated to WBB. See my article here
  • See it on your own:¬†http://www.tml-studios.de