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About me

My name is Gino and I’m a passionate software developer from Germany.

I first started programming when I was in seventh grade. I used to develop simple tools but progressed over time and loved to build own applications. After a few small projects I discovered other people who are developing applications as well. I joined FT Software few years later, a small development team based in Germany developing applications in their spare time. I progressed even more and heavily developed applications based on C# and XAML, mostly based on MVVM pattern. My first real large project was World of Trucks Central, a community app available for Windows 10.

I’m also part of TML-Studios and currently managing our forums. I accepted my first commercial contract when I just turned 16. My field of work was to implement a brand new website including new community forums, product store pages and a complete new branding which took approximately three months of development in my spare time besides school.

And now I finished school in February 2017 and I started working at German IT company medialesson GmbH as intern in March 2017, one of the biggest Microsoft development partners in Germany. What’s next? I’m definitely going to study IT science in Fall 2018 after working a year at medialesson GmbH and I’m already looking forward to it.
Oh by the way before I forget to mention, I also like traveling and taking pictures.

Want to reach me out? Drop me a line by mail or just reach me out the easy way on Twitter and I’d be happy to talk with you soon.


Stuff I do

HTML/CSS/PHP (Laravel)
HTML/CSS/PHP (Laravel)


Take a look at some projects I'm working on and I did in the past


Latest Posts

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